Energy for Knowledge

Compliance as a Priority

Compliance has been a fundamental principle of establishing Candour, and
we strive to ensure that our Clients and Advisors are fully aware of the
topics they can and cannot discuss in a conversation organised by us.


We have implemented robust measures to ensure compliance, and thus protect our Clients and Advisors:

Our Advisors undergo compliance training through our e-learning portal on an annual basis.

Our Advisors and our Clients subscribe to Candour’s terms and conditions
which adhere to internationally recognised standards including the US Foreign
Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act 2010.

Our Advisors and Clients are reminded of the topics that cannot be discussed
prior to each conversation.

Wherever possible, conversations will either be facilitated by a Candour
employee, recorded (with the consent of all parties), or conducted by Candour

Environmental Consultancy

Our team is fully committed to providing you with excellent legislative advice. We specialize in conducting compliance investigations, developing trader action plans, performing site surveys, and sampling water. Our goal is to help identify ways to maximize water and commercial savings.
Compliance investigations involve a detailed analysis of your operation to ensure that you comply with all relevant legislative rules and regulations. We provide you with detailed reports that highlight any areas of concern, and offer practical solutions to resolve them.
Our trader action plans involve working with you to develop effective strategies to manage your business risks. We believe that such measures are important for your success.
Our site surveys evaluate your current practices and offer recommendations for optimal water usage. And finally, our water sampling helps identify potential issues with water quality and promotes best practices in water management. Let us help you identify water and commercial savings, so you can focus on growing your business.