The energy and industrials markets are highly dynamic, with extensive and diverse supply chain. Therefore defining areas of opportunity is a complex and time-consuming task.

Candour can equip you with the knowledge you need.

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Connect with Industry Advisor

  • Market Information
  • Commentary on the competitive environment
  • Product and service overviews
  • Technological overviews
  • Regional overviews
  • Operational knowledge

Our Services

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Connect with the Network

We will pinpoint the best people for the job, you can then connect directly with the specialist, or utilise Candour’s industry knowledge and let us make the calls for you. We make the effort to clearly understand your scope before collating the results and providing you with clear feedback.

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Market Referencing

We use our extensive network to conduct customer and market referencing; enabling you to test your growth strategy and also ensure you are meeting evolving client needs.

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Industry & market reports

Candour provides market and competitive synopses at the outset of every project, and can offer more detailed reports and insights on specific issues as required.

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Facilitation & interpretation

Our operational knowledge in tandem with our M&A experience means we can facilitate the conversations to draw out important information that will help to refine your investment thesis.

Who we work with

Hedge Funds

Speak to leading professionals in specific markets to understand the dynamics of the market and areas of growth

Private Equity

Gain insights into a niche market and understand the growth prospects

Investment Banks

Connect with someone who can tell you the risks of operating in a particular environment, from an operational and financial perspective

Strategy consultants

Understand the complexities of the supply chain and how to mitigate risk


Build knowledge of key growth markets and the competitive environment